The Process- How it Works

Get a decision on your application within 24 hours FROM APPLICATION.

When you apply for funding at Simple Merchant Funding  we start by assigning a specialist to determine exactly what your borrowing needs are. We then custom design a lending facility  that will be geared toward your funding request and your desired payment terms.


OUR CORE BUSINESS HERE AT Simple Merchant Funding Merchant is cash advance and merchant credit cash income. This is entirely different from traditional lending routes as it integrates seamlessly into your day to day business. Therefore your business has the ability to receive funding without going through the traditional funding routes that are often tiresome and require excessive paperwork.


We are different in the way that unlike traditional finance companies that require timely organized payments that must be on time, we are able to give cash advances that can pay back through the deduction of a small percentage of all future merchant credit card sales. 

This in turn can be tailored to suit your business cash flow especially if it is seasonal and has upswings and downswings. This offers tremendous flexibility and peace of mind to a business that may be worried about how they are going to make the payments when the seasonal money is not what it should be. Therefore you will not be tied into an interest rate that feels like it is impeding your business.

Finally as you pay of your loan once the amount has been deducted from sales, the transaction will end and you then receive one hundred percent of all sales.


Bank Loans  -  The lengthy time consuming process.

  • Often this is like an application that never ends. Usually borrowers will be required to submit historic tax records or provide property or collateral for approval.Lengthy and time-consuming application process. Required to submit historic tax records and/or provide collateral for approval.

  • Small business loan repayment plans are typically fixed term and payments may increase as interest rates rise.

Merchant Cash Advances

  • Streamlined application process. Tailored in payment structure to assist the inherent cash flow in your business. Not very often do they require tax returns or collateral not required.

  • Focusing on cash flows, repayment terms are determined by future merchant income with the amount you pay being larger as you make more more due to it being a percentage of revenue. Conversely as cash flow is lower the amount taken from future sales is lower.


It all starts with a phone call, whereby we discuss your financial needs and explain the process of applying for working capital through Funding Merchant Source. Once we’ve received your application and seen some preliminary information on your history of revenue (far less extensive than what is required for the typical bank loan), we’ll work with you to develop repayment terms that suit your growth plan.


Our Simple Funding Process

Skin Spas
Health Clinics
Weight Loss Clinics
Beauty Salon
Architecture firms
Construction Companies
Medical offices
Liquor Stores
Delicatessens and corner Delis
Retail Stores

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Receiving a merchant cash loan works in a simpler more streamlined way than receiving a traditional bank loan. When you receive your advance our working capital operates by deducting a small pre-determined fixed percentage of the daily business sales unjtil you have finally paid back the full amount that you have borrowed. Then after that 100% of business sales through your merchant account are yours.

Therefore there are no fixed payment terms and we look to ensure that there is no financial strain on your business cash flow. We want your business to grow adn hopefully you come back to us when you want to expand further.

High Approval Rate: We rate the performance of your business above anything else. Cash flow is king and gives us an immediate indication of how healthy your business is regardless of your personal credit worthiness or your net worth. We look for revenue whereby we can deduct a small percentage. Our business funding can have funds deposited in your account in as little as 72 hours. 

Once you have been approved we offer the benefit of a simple renewal process. Even when your balance is 50% down we can lend you more. There is alos no need to write a check every month. Your payments are automatically deducted from your account. No fixed monthly payments and always a revenue based collection.

When you get paid we get paid - that is our motto. We offer a simple flexible structure that allows businesses to always be able to afford payments. The difference here is that a merchant cash advance is actually a sales transaction and therefore not reported on credit reports. We require no collateral and even if you don't have a merchant account we can fund your business with our popular 'Bank Only" ACH program.

We look forward to receiving your application..


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Merchant Cash Advance

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